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Arizona Massacre – is it a random event or example of things to come?

In Uncategorized on January 12, 2011 at 5:02 PM

The tragedy in Tucson has brought to light how the actions of people who are in desperate straits either due to employment, mental illness or general state of helplessness due to personal situations in their life can impact a nation.

The media pundits and Government Officials on both sides of the political world want to place blame on something, someone in order to advance their own personal relevance in their careers or community standing.

However, when you really look at this horrific tragedy objectively, we may never know why this 22 year old mentally deranged person decided that this would answer the questions about his position in the world. Was he pushed to this awful choice by the “crosshairs” (and Sarah Palin’s claim that they were surveyor marks is, as she would put it, ‘reprehensible’) put on a Congressional District map by the opposing party in this past November’s mid term elections. Or was it that he was unemployed, shunned by the military, tired of living with mom and dad, chemically unbalanced? None of us knows – only Jared Lee Loughner would know and he probably doesn’t either.

Or is this just a precursor of more violence to come. With what has happened the past 2-3 years with OUR tax dollars inside Wall Street board rooms; with both political parties making promises they never intended to keep (i.e. ending our involvement of the Iraq and Afghan Wars); with ALL branches of the Federal Government putting the banks ahead of the common welfare of the citizens of the United States; with the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States granting corporations the same rights as individuals?? It’s not a surprise that we don’t have riots in the streets all over America, but we don’t.

Noam Chomsky has said that we are a much more civilized nation then we were in the 1960’s and 70’s and that is why you don’t see any spirited uprising in the streets or anywhere else for that matter. I hope Noam’s right because this country has never been more divided without any hope of our Government bringing us to common ground in my lifetime. Whatever side of general public discord you fall in once the demonstrations start (if they start) the ugliness of the pent up anger and disappointment in our current governmental leaders will blow in a big and bloody way.

Is this Jared Lee Loughner creep just smoke or is he a spark? The media (and I don’t even bother stating Corporate Media anymore) would love to keep the blame debate going. When things like this happen everyone wants a piece of it. I for one have decided to tune those clowns out and direct my energy at changing our Congress one vote at a time.

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