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Why is it that politicians quit caring for humans after they are born? Because it makes them rich!

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I am a 46 year old white male, who thankfully is still gainfully employed, with aging parents of the baby boom generation. My career path has landed me in an industry that by the shear token of the aging and death of this generation remains a somewhat viable economic vehicle to earn a decent living. I’m in the real estate industry of sorts and as “boomers” lose their parents, at an ever increasing rate, my industry benefits from the liquidation or redistribution of their respective estates.

The truly sad part of all of this is that it seems our Government wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve been helping my father (a 77 year old Korean War Veteran) complete the necessary applications for VA benefits. Earlier this week he received the response back from the VA as to what “they” decided about my father’s qualifications for the benefit – it was of course denied. The reason they stated was because his yearly income level was TOO HIGH? Realize the combined income of my father and mother is strictly from Social Security Benefits – a whopping $18,972 annually. The VA was kind enough to take into consideration and subtract the $2,316 they pay into Medicare Part B on a yearly basis. So their net income for benefit qualification is at $16,656 – and that is still TOO HIGH. The income limit for a veteran with 1 dependent is $15,493 – that is inhumane. That is the value our Government has determined that my fathers life was worth.

I understand those that say things like “…well they should have saved more or invested more…” etc., but wasn’t there a debt of gratitude that our country should be responsible to pay back from the service my father gave serving our Government at a time of war? Not in my estimation. The repayment of that debt (in the form of potential future VA benefits) were a ruse to coerce my father into joining the military – or at least part of the ruse. They probably left out the part that you will be shot at by people intending to end your life – not a real good selling point, especially when the reasons you are in the line of fire really have nothing to do with your individual liberty but rather to protect the interests of the super rich.

What is the motivation for our Government to change this policy or raise the income level? None that I can see. Here are a few reasons that I can think of:

-Insurance companies stop making money (or at least as much money) on the old once they are part of Medicare because there exists the smallest modicum of regulation and oversight that doesn’t allow them to steal from the American public without prejudice through Medicare. It is hilarious and so awful that politicians claim that “Medicare is the biggest rip off of the American public” when they write legislation that allows insurance companies to continue to raise premiums and limit coverages practically everyday! How dumb does the Government think we are? Pretty dumb I guess. Insurance companies fund politicians during their government service and many of them after they leave for private practice by offering them positions within their companies many times as lobbyists.

-Those that are elderly (according to the World Health Organization 65 years of age classifies a person being elderly) often have little to no income to tax until they die. As I stated above I’m in a business that makes income from the distribution of the estates and property of the dead – our Federal and local governments do as well in the form of taxation at the time of that redistribution of wealth and assets.

-How much longer can a politician count on the vote of someone +65? Not many more election cycles come through before they are off the voting rolls. What is the benefit to their re-election if they aren’t alive to vote?

So why try and keep the elderly healthy and alive when the hope of continuing to collect from them financially is so limited? Our Government must think it’s a zero sum game that isn’t worth fighting for from a financially strategic perspective and that the American people can once again be cajoled into believing it is right to leave out a HUGE segment of our society from any Government services and support. I say that because with the noise level rising from both sides of the aisle hollering to shut down Medicare, cut Social Security and VA Benefits as the only way to balance the books you’d think anyone past 55 is a scourge to the American way of life.

Of course those that have gained the most off the backs of people like my father; those that could very possibly not of had a chance to make their fortunes if it weren’t for people like my father protecting American interests in countries around the globe and here at home; those who are now able to fund political campaigns directly (primarily due to Citizens United case) get to make the decision to not suffer AT ALL and are given tax breaks, loopholes and incentives while at the same time starving out the very backbone of our country by sending the manufacturing of goods and services, customer service industries and other American created industries overseas in order to financially benefit on loose child labor laws and human rights. Oh and while we’re at it lets lower tariffs and not tax any income these companies realize from relying on the infrastructure of our country and the exploitation of the third world. These companies, and the people that own and operate them; prey on and use the simple (and patriotic) sensibilities of the elderly; the middle and lower class American’s just trying to scrape together next months rent or tomorrow’s grocery money, often the people who have built this country and protected it in times of war and other calls to duty. It is a disgrace!

Tell me why abortion is out of the question and is an immoral decision by women when you look at how our Government cares for and uses you once you are born? Because for the next 50-60 years a healthy human means a lot of money for our nations politicians and super rich – that’s why. Any encroachment on that potential revenue base is blasphemy! And who are they going to fill the ranks of our military? – the children of the super rich? NO WAY! They must keep a middle to lower class of society that sees risking their lives on the whims and decisions of those who benefit the most as a better option (or the only option) to surviving and having any resemblence of a properous life – even though it might get a leg blown off or permanent brain damage – injuries that our Government will turn their back on as soon as they return home. Sickening.

Please do all you can to protect Social Security, VA Benefits and Medicare. Write you Senators and Representatives and the President and tell them that we have asked so much of these people and have given so little back it is simply un-American.


Being Gay is not a choice!

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There have been many, many changes in this country the past couple years that frankly have been frightening and disheartening; from the corporate take over of our government and media; to Americans apathetic response to the nobility of universal health care and the negative effects of global climate change.  For some reason none of those topics compelled me to start my own blog? (see apathy above).   Then I heard about this tragedy and the complete violation of privacy that caused it. (see  This story isn’t an anomaly or a freak occurrence it happens all the time.  Heaven forbid you even mention you are gay.  A study by Daryl Presgraves (contact Daryl at with shows that 9 out of 10 (90%!) LGBT students report being harassed at school about their sexual orientation.  Then we wonder why it was so hard for Tyler Clementi to face the almost guaranteed abuse he would have to endure once this tape had been released. 

I’m not a gay man.  However, I am a father.  Me and my wife have worked hard at creating an environment of acceptance that our four children (ages 11 to 27) feel comfortable in respecting their mind, body and soul.  And that their sexual preference is entirely theirs to experience and develop and is none of our business.  However, I must be honest, I hope they don’t choose a gay/lesbian lifestyle because this society is so critical and violent towards the LGBT community.  All four of them appear to be heterosexual – but that can change.  It can change because gay feelings towards another is NOT a choice – those feelings choose you.  Why would we protect them from loving someone?  Why should that be hindered, discouraged or scoffed at?  Why is that feeling so scary to people? 

I’ve had the pleasure to know many gay/lesbian people in my life and there wasn’t a single time I can remember feeling unnerved or worried about being in their presence for any reason.  We’re all human beings – they just prefer to love someone of their own sex.  Why is that so shocking?  Is it because we are told by family, clergy, government officials, media stars?  Do you know there is virtually zero mention of same-sex relationships in the Bible – maybe 5-6 verses and none of them view the relationship as it is perceived by those “good people” or “real American’s” that base all their opinions inside the Scripture.  As a matter of fact Jesus never mentions anything about same-sex relationships. 

The society in which we live demands news information in tag lines (see CNN Headline News); conversations in 140 characters (see Twitter); real life on TV (see ANY scripted reality show); and family time described as mom and dad having a beer, wine or cocktail while they watch “Entertainment Tonight” and the kids play video games, on-line with perfect strangers, it’s no wonder what happened at Rutgers seemed so nonchalant and arbitrary.  The attitude of “…well I’m glad that wasn’t my kid who died or ended his life with a swarthy little gay secret…” or “…what would my friends think of me if my kid was gay, ugh…” has to be addressed. 

These kids who put out the sex tape didn’t see anything wrong with it.  I’m not sure why they felt that someone killing themselves as a direct result of their violation of this boys privacy.  Maybe it was because he was gay?  Maybe it was because during their upbringing they weren’t taught boundaries and respect for others?  Maybe it was the slow weakening of the senses that viewing the violence in video games over years of playing does – I don’t even know if anyone is studying those effects?  Regardless of the reason that we’ve become such an apathetic society and like lambs to slaughter will follow whatever the most influential media tells us to believe.  We are as a people and a country are disappearing into a country without an identity; without a purpose; without any sense of righteousness, except for “…I got mine…” type of society.  This type of society will not survive folks.  I hope we aren’t already on the path to a high-end, third world country, but it might be too late.