I’m a middle aged white man who is fortunate to have a supportive, loving wife and children, with a comfortable home, making a comfortable living at a job I enjoy.
I am pro-life, but believe in the death penalty for certain crimes.
I do not believe that prisons can rehabilitate any criminal and are created and exist strictly for profit.
Even though I am pro-life I believe that woman should have the right to choose what to do with their body free from persecution from the law or personal opinion.
I believe that all drugs should be legalized.
I believe that prostitution is a victimless crime but needs to remain illegal in order to prohibit human-trafficking.  I think human-traffickers should be put to death.
I believe a strong dollar will reduce oil prices and that oil prices control all food, water and energy supplies.
I am a moderate politically.
I believe in gun control, but strongly support the Second Amendment.
I think our Supreme Court is an activist court and an embarrassment to the United States.
I believe that the Supreme Court is sympathetic to and in favor of a facist state for the US.
I think the NYSE is a terrorist government within our government that has created a cancer in all politics and politicians.
I believe we all begin life as bi-sexual but physical or biological makeup (not a gay teacher or parent) makes us lean one way or the other sexually.  Some of us split it down the middle.
My favorite color is Red but I think Black is cool too.
My favorite sport is whatever is in season. Except for Hockey and Soccer – they aren’t really American sports.
I believe that human rights should be extended to all humans and that all of us should do whatever we can to protect these rights wherever they are being compromised.


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