Tea Party, Republican, Democrat – You’re all a bunch of Nazi’s

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You know I can’t help it but each morning  I need to watch MSNBC and CNBC and listen to Thom Hartman.  I know it will just piss me off to listen or watch but I’m addicted to the onslaught I guess.   Thankfully though it is through this information that I’m able to, with some form of certainty, digest and dissect what the hell is going on in this country and how we can change it.  Let me state that I was never a supporter of the Bush administration or their policies and he was a global embarrassment to our country over the 8 years he was President.  So it is with that understanding that those of you who will actually read this blog will have to weigh if I can be fair and balanced (as Mr. Bush’s favorite television Network so eloquently promulgates). 

In my mind the problems economically, morally and systemically with this country started at Watergate.  With the toss out of Nixon (a pretty moderate Republican I must say – albeit a criminal) and the Presidency that was “stumbled” through by Ford we were doomed because we took our nose off the ball about what really matters in this country – the ability to innovate and demonstrate might and will with intellectual property instead of demonstrating it with military lethality and creativity.  Carter came into office (primarily because Ford wasn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the political landscape when that meant something to us as a country) and immediately began looking outside our continental borders for actions of peace between foreign regions of the globe in an effort to make OUR COUNTRY more safe?  Of course there was an ocean of oil there that may need tending to and for Carter it was a battle he thought he could win.  At the same time he turned a blind eye to the economical and social issues that were still reeling from Watergate, an impeached President, and a blathering clutz interim President that couldn’t spell “economics” much less understand the relationship to our so very fragile “supply and demand” economy.  We needed a stay at home President more than ever at that time in this country’s short existance.  Yet Carter was rarely interested in what was happening within middle-class America and had no idea how or why 15% interest rates could affect the monolithical economic engine known as American inginuity.  The middle-class would lose every battle important to their rights as people, workers, and American’s from that point on.  Corporations called a simple game of chicken to the Federal Government and not only did the Fed’s blink they helped Corporations win the game.

The USSR, as they used to be called, China, France, Germany, hell even Libya viewed this mistrust and unravelling as an awakening to act in the military complex of the arms race because they could see through the Federal propaganda that had unveiled itself in this incredibly unfortunate time for all American’s.  They knew that the American government was running a game of charades about keeping the third world defenseless and would be willing to arm and fund countries like India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Afganistan, etc.  The trick didn’t work and before too long it seemed every 10 year old in Ethiopia owned and AK47.

Who follows Carter and his completely irresponsible Presidency?  Ron Reagan.  A once Socialist, former Hollywood actor who could read and remember lines – the lines that his father-in-law told him to read and remember if he ever wanted to be a Governor or President.  A total sell-out, phony who viewed the Presidency as the Academy’s most prestigious award and was able to rationalize the complete and utter gutting of the middle-class as just another stage play that he would be performing every night for the next four years (eight if he said his lines right).  This guy had no scruples and there is a BIG question if he even knew what the hell was going on day to day (because of his Alzheimers) during the last term of his Presidency.  From taking credit for “The Wall” coming down in East Berlin to his idea about “Trickle down Economics” this guy was creating shit out of thin air.  He got away with it because we needed someone to believe in after 8 years of hell from Nixon to Ford to Carter.  I know this all sounds too familiar – huh?

Then Bush one who somehow was a one-term President even though during his time in the Oval Office he ‘won’ the first American war since WWII.  He was just riding the wave from the funny money created by the leveraging of every asset this country possessed during Reagan.

Then Bubba Clinton comes in as a Democrat!  Time for change right? WRONG!  He continued the policies of his predecessors and modeled himself after the ‘Great Communicator’ Reagan while lulling us into thinking that he was being Progressive all the while ripping down our trade borders and allowing Corporate America to flee the country without recourse or justification further empowering the rich and killing the manufacturing machine called the American Workforce.

Then Bush 2 – as if Bush 1 was such a revelation.  This guy wasn’t only unqualified to be President but once in power he treated the Presidency like a trip to his favorite summer camp.  Never working (always clearing brush in Texas) and delegating the job description of the Presidency to madmen like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Karl Rove (can somebody tell me why that guy isn’t in prison?) so they could rape our country’s goodwill and image for financial gain – it’s that plain and simple.  What an embarrassment and what do you think the rest of the world thought of us (all American’s) when we let that imbecile get elected for a second term.  Well they thought we (all American’s) were alright having this sadistic boob represent what we (all American’s) believed and trust should be the world view.  Just utterly unthinkable but true.  Some called them the Bush Crime Family – well if the shoe fits.

Now Mr. Obama.  He isn’t a Socialist but he is an Opportunist.  With the most power any Democratic President has had since Johnson he decides to play nice with the Republican side of the room, well knowing they have NO intention of EVER letting him get anything of substance done.  The Republican’s see an opportunity to kill the middle-class of America and install an oligarchy much like Mr. Bush’s friend’s in Saudi Arabia.  Why wouldn’t they when our President is either too afraid or is complicite in their attempt at such a power grab.

This obvious lack of true concern for the majority of America has now extended into our political campaigns.  The thought that free speech is truly free at anytime or place can now be confronted with physical violence and it doesn’t seem that our political parties really care as long as they get the vote.  This recent example of such barbarism is only one of many that have occured during this recent election cycleThere are many other examples.  Isn’t that how the National Socialist German Workers Party (NAZI) all started in early 20th Century Germany?  Large Corporations pumped huge amounts of money into this party (first called the Brown Shirts) so they could go out and beat up their opponents in political races.

I’m calling on all political parties to make some kind of demonstration that this kind of behavior is an afront to democracy and the First Amendment to the Constitution and all those who act in kind will be banned from any future political events and at best will face punishment from local authorities.  Unless that happens across the board you are all no better than the Brown Shirts of turn of the century Germany.

The Siege


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